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Effects of Entities

The effects of entities can vary to quite a large degree but with all entities there will be a loss of energy and an amplification of negative emotions. On the astral plane like attracts like so before an entity will try to attach to a person there must be a similarity in the persons energy. An example would be an entity with an addiction to sex. It would certainly be attracted to someone who has a sex addiction themselves. Firstly it would have a much greater chance of being allowed in because the person is open to the sorts of emotions and energy that the entity contains and secondly because it will have a much greater chance of getting what it wants from a host with the same characteristics. Another example could be an entity that just wants to be somewhere comfortable, where it can hide from the world and feel warm and protected. This entity would have no interest in someone who is extroverted. It would seek a host with similar characteristics so it may get what it wants. It will try to bury itself deep into their energy where it feels protected and safe. It will also amplify these types of desires in the host so as to keep them from situations that the entity doesn't like. Clearly this will be much easier with a host who already feels similar to the entity.

So one of the most important things to realize about entities is that they are like the host in some way. This is one of the reasons that clearings when done incorrectly can fail. When an entity is cleared by a healer but the person who has the entity has not fully felt the entity and seen why it is there, when it was caught and how they actually benefit from the entities presence then it will most likely be allowed back in after the clearing has taken place. So if the clearer first fails to get the entity to decide to go into the light and they also fail to get the person to actually see and feel the entity for themselves then there is a very good chance that the entity will be allowed back in very soon after the clearing. It is the subconscious, the emotions, the astral energy that allows the entity in so if these things have not become conscious to the person then they have not been changed. If a healer says to someone you have an entity, evil spirit, ghost etc attached and it is effecting your life obviously the person will say please remove it. The healer then removes it and that is that. The person has not seen for themselves what the entity really is and how it interacts with their energy so they cannot make a proper choice. The choice to have the entity removed is based on a conception they have of the entity which is based on what the healer tells them. Certainly if the healer calls it and evil spirit there will be a strong reaction to it and this is often not at all accurate. Therefore the person has not chosen to have the actual entity cleared because they don't know what it is. They just know it to be some evil spirit which in 99% of cases it is not. In reality it isn't that simple and although this type of clearing can be successful I have seen many times where it is not. Even if such a clearing is successful the person has missed a great opportunity to see for themselves something which would give them greater understanding of reality as well as their own personality and energy.

An entity can be caught as a child or even a baby or in the womb. Such an entity caught at such an early age can have a large impact on the persons energy as they grow up. It does happen that small children feel lonely and they are far more open psychically. They may actually see an entity and become its friend and actually agree to allow it in. This can even occur before the child can talk. It is on a feeling/ emotional/ psychic level. If the child agrees to allow the entity in it has indeed in some way been tricked because it cannot know what effect it will really have. As soon as the entity actually does get into the child's energy the child will realize it was a bad idea but it will be too late. Once the entity has been there for a while the child will get used to it and as entities are very good at hiding this can happen fairly fast. As the child grows up and their intellect takes over they will forget completely about the entity. What is interesting however is that through regression a person can actually remember all of this very clearly and can actually see exactly how the entity has effected them throughout their life. This is because during regression the person is in a deeper state of consciousness and so they can actually remember more of what was happening in their subconscious than they were aware of during the actual event they are remembering.

As entities are as many and varied as people and their personalities there is no point in trying to cover all the possibilities. What is important is the experience of the individual, how they have been effected and why they caught the entity in the first place. The more clearly someone can see for themselves the more powerful will be the healing, not only the clearing of the entity but the healing of their own energy which is vital in ensuring that no other entity will get in.

The method of clearing is therefore of great importance.