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Clearing Entities

There are quite a few ways to clear entities but as I have explained they are not all equal. One method that is being used and which is becoming quite popular is very simple and easy but it is also somewhat ineffective. With this method the healer simply goes up to God and commands that the Entity be removed, in fact they may just go up and command that all entities be removed from the individual being healed. Before doing this the healer must ask permission from the client and if they say yes please remove the entities then it is seen that free will has been respected and it is all ok. Well the problem here is that the individual does not understand what an entity is, they do not see how the entity or entities have been effecting them, they do not see why they caught the entity in the first place and therefore their own emotional issues that lead to the problem and so it is not possible for the person to truly choose to have the entity removed. If someone does not even understand what they are giving permission for then how can it be said that their decision was based on their own free will? Besides this the entity has not been consulted whatsoever and so the entities free will is completely overlooked. Now this method can indeed remove the entity but it will almost certainly not clear it properly, it will simply be removed from the individual as this is what was commanded. It will almost certainly try to get back in and if that fails it will go for someone else. Aside from this the person who had the entity cleared still does not understand why they caught the entity and has not dealt with their own issues so there is a good chance that a new entity may be attracted to the same area as the energy there will be weak for a time. Keep in mind that what I have said is not based on a theory of how these things work but by a direct observation. I have seen many times how these types of clearings fail.

My method for Clearing Entities:

The method I use to clear entities first requires that the client be induced into an altered state of consciousness so that they themselves can see the entity, how it effects them, why they caught it, when and where. To access this state the client is guided into the space of the third eye. This is a simple technique and it is not hypnosis, the client remains fully aware during the entire process and can stop at any time. Once in the space the client is in a relaxed state of consciousness and may feel like they a floating in space. The client is lying down during the process while I sit beside them and I also go into the space. By doing this we create a connection to our guides and to the light. This makes it very easy for the client to get into the space even if they have never meditated before. Once we are in the space I will feel in my own body what the client feels in the area where the entity is attached. By doing this I get a good feel for what is happening and I see the entity very clearly. I then put my hand over the area on the clients body where the entity is attached to help them focus on the area. The client is then asked to feel the area for any emotions or feelings that may be present. Typical areas for entities to be attached are usually near the chakras, most often in the belly or in the chest regions.

The client is able to feel much more clearly their energy and emotions in the deep state of consciousness of the space. They will usually feel some emotion like sadness, anger or whatever it may be. Then the technique is to simply help them feel it more deeply and to guide them by asking simple questions. As I can see the entity and feel the emotions myself it is quite easy to guide the person but I do not tell them what I see, the idea is simply to guide them deeper into the space and into their own energy so they can see for themselves. It really is amazing how much people can see, feel and remember while in the space. They will remember when they caught the entity and it will be very clear, they will be able to see and feel how the entity has effected them and they will be able to see and feel the entity itself and know what it really is. I should probably tell you here that this is not scary. The entity is seen for what it is and so the fear of such a thing is greatly diminished if not completely eradicated.

Once the person has seen enough and understands what has been happening they are then in a position to choose for the entity to be removed as they have truly learned from the experience now because they can see it from a higher level of awareness. The talent for helping people through this process is empathy. By me allowing myself to feel the deep buried emotions within someone else while we are in this expanded state of awareness it makes it very easy for the person to feel it themselves. This is the starting point for the clients exploration and as I can feel what is inside them guiding them is much easier.

Now when it comes to entities the same very same mechanism is used. If I continue to see the entity the way it appears outwardly it will not change and it will not allow the light to come in and clear it properly. If the light is brought down at this stage and the clearing performed it is more likely that the entity will try to jump out of the person being cleared and jump onto me or someone else in the vicinity. If there is nobody else it will flee and start looking for another host. This is not what we want. If however I allow myself to feel the entities deep buried emotions instead of just seeing its outward appearance then the entity will feel its deeper emotions as well. At this point the entity has already been opened up to some degree. An entity is a very simple being, it is not nearly as complex as a person, it has one core emotional issue and its outward personality is based on trying ot escape or not feel this one core issue. SO as soon as the entity is brought closer to its own core emotional pain it is opened, it is changed and it loses its direction. Once this occurs if the light is brought down the entity will not run from it but the light will actually get inside the entity and open it up further. it will not just put it into contact with its core emotional issue but it will begin to heal it. At this point the entity very quickly becomes loving instead of angry, scared, depressed, hateful or whatever its outward emotions were. It will be sorry for what it has done to the client and it will want to be forgiven. The entity will now choose to go into the light as it feels so good, the entity is literally absorbed into bliss and all pain is dissolved. This is a true clearing, the entity will never come back anywhere and its pain has truly been healed. If the entity is not cleared in this manner it will continue on earth to search for a living host and its painful emotions will continue in itself and in the hosts it chooses.

When the light comes down it will clear all the energy from the entity in the client as well as deeply heal the clients own energy body. It is a beautiful experience and it is very blissful for the client. They will often see a bright light and they will always feel a blissful warmth in their body where the entity was. What is also very interesting is that the client will also see the entity change. It is amazing to watch an entity change in front of your eyes and then hear the client say "it just changed, its not angry anymore, its sorry" etc. They are seeing exactly what I am seeing. It is extremely tangible and there is absolutely no doubt as to the validity of the experience.

Now although the clearing experience is amazing and will certainly have a deep impact on the client because they have seen with their own senses something that is of a non physical nature it is the after effects which are the most exciting. Once a large entity that has been with someone for many years is removed they are freed from a very heavy energy. They will feel more and more themselves over the days and weeks after the clearing and the change in them is very tangible. True healing may now occur where an entity may have been causing a very real emotional problem. Well the entity wasn't really the cause of the problem but they can certainly amplify a problem and make it very hard to heal while the entity is still present. Keep in mind that an entity is a simple being, nowhere near as complex and powerful as a person and people can be full of emotional problems with no entities whatsoever. Still entities are real and they do need to be dealt with in a proper manner.

Clearing entities should not be practiced by someone without a good understanding and empathy. Empathy is the most important aspect for a clearer for to be able to feel what the entity feels removes all judgment of the entity and its actions and allows one to just feel what is at the core of a being. The same goes for helping someone to delve deeper into their subconscious. By feeling their emotional pain it takes some of the edge off for them and allows them to deal with issues that may be too painful on their own. The entity may never be able to delve into their subconscious without the help of the clearer because they are simple and lack the required awareness to do this. So the greatest task of the clearer is to allow themselves to feel the emotional pain of both the client and the entity. It is therefore very important that the clearer works hard on their own energy as they will be picking up negative energies from the client and the entity during the clearing session. This is the reason for so many healers and psychics refusing to do clearings or for them charging extremely high prices for such a service. It is also the reason for the clearing methods that do not work properly as the clearers do not wish to engage with the entity on a deep level or the client for that matter, due to the risk to their own energy. It therefore seems to take a certain type of person to perform this type of job properly. I hope the above explanation may help other people in this line of work to do the job properly.

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