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What Are Entities?

Most people are unaware of the presence of non-physical energies and beings that can actively interfere with their energy and emotions and also the atmosphere of places such as a house or room. Although there is some acceptance of such phenomena it is largely misunderstood and too few know how to deal with such things. Indeed for the past few thousand years the priests and spiritual people of nearly all religions who should have a deep understanding of such phenomena have lost their vision. With the loss of their vision comes fear of the unknown and due to this we have scary stories of exorcisms etc which are largely based on the ignorance of the priest class of today.

The truth is that Entities are at epidemic proportions, probably greater than has ever been seen on Earth. The main reason is the loss of knowledge and spiritual vision. In the days of old when someone died the body was cremated and the priests would perform a proper clearing which includes helping the soul move upwards into higher realms while clearing any fragments or entities formed due to the Astral Body's shattering.

When someone dies their various layers of psychic energy (Astral Body) begin to shatter and the low vibrating parts can break up into chunks of energy which retain individuality and free will. The soul or light body of the person must free itself from all low vibrating psychic energy or Astral substance before it can ascend into the higher dimensions where it remembers who it is and gets ready for the next incarnation. The Astral body is basically the mind and emotions of the person, it is the layer of energy that is picked up before incarnation as the soul travels through the Astral realms. This is where the horoscope comes from, it is the makeup of Astral forces that have been gathered by the soul on its journey to Earth. The Astral body will become the souls vehicle for incarnation into a physical body and the personality level is greatly dependant on the Astral body.

While alive the Astral body becomes effected by experience and emotional scars cause it to become somewhat crystallized. These Astral crystallizations form the core areas of personality dysfunction. An example of an Astral crystallization could be when a child is left alone or mistreated by a parent which causes it to feel alone. If these feelings of loneliness carry on for too long then the Astral body begins to crystallize around these emotions which forms what is called a samskara. It is basically an emotional scar which is a crystallization of Astral substance. When many samskara's form throughout life they gather together and create personality traits that are usually negative. An obvious trait would be an addiction to alcohol. It is not just the addiction but the make up of feelings which lead to the continued desire for alcohol. Another obvious trait could be something as simple as neediness in a relationship. Basically all negative personality traits come from the formation of samskara's and they are located in the Astral body of the individual, they are not a part of the soul or light body. While alive the many conflicting parts of the Astral body are held together by its incarnation in the physical body. After death when the physical body is no longer there to hold the Astral together it begins to break up along the lines of crystallization or samskara's. Most of the Astral body will break up into astral dust and be reabsorbed into the astral planes but the large crystallizations can remain as chunks of Astral Substance with their own personality which we call entities.

These entities although formed by the person who died and although they are indeed the personality traits of the dead individual, they generally become much worse than they were while a part of the person while alive. This is because they no longer have the rest of the astral body/ personality to keep them in check so to speak. Once on their own and disincarnate they need to gain energy from a living being or they will eventually break up and be reabsorbed. The energy they require to stay together is of a denser nature than Astral substance, it is what we call Etheric Energy or Chi, Prana, Ki, Qi among other names. This energy is closer to the physical body and with a supply of it the entity can stay together and live for a very long time. In fact they don't just need Etheric energy but Astral energy that is incarnated into a physical body. While incarnated the Astral energy and etheric energy are merged in a way that gives the astral substance more density so that it can incarnate into the physical body. So the energy the entity needs is kind of like a mix of etheric and astral energies which forms the mental and emotional level of a person.

So once an entity has been created by the death of a person they will need to find a host so as to gain a constant supply of emotional energy. They will want a host with similar emotions to themselves as it will be so much more easily digested and it will make them feel comfortable and at home. Typically an entity will go for a family member first, for which it had an affinity, basically one that it likes. Like attracts like when it comes to entities and the astral planes. If it cannot find someone it knows it will begin searching for someone else for which it feels an affinity. It will also target people with weak energy as it will be much easier for it to infiltrate. People on drugs or alcohol or in emotionally vulnerable states make the easiest targets so pubs and clubs are a good place for entities to go in search of a new host.

It is interesting to note also that entities do in fact contain a part of the soul of the individual that created it and they do have their own free will. They are not just Astral energy which makes them more complicated to deal with than most healers think. For this reason many people currently doing clearings are doing it in the wrong way and often fail to clear the entity properly. Many psychics and healers who clear entities remove it from the individual but leave it in the vicinity so it will try to reattach to the same person after the clearing and if that fails it will look for another host. The reason for this is that they overlook the fact that the entity does indeed have free will and it cannot be destroyed by force or by demanding it to be cleared. This can only remove it temporarily and it will not be truly cleared. The only way for an entity to truly be cleared is for it to actually choose to go into the light. When this occurs the entity changes dramatically and it is a most beautiful thing to watch. They become sorry for what they have done to the host and they turn into loving beings of light which is very different to the form they were in as an entity. They then merge with the light completely and are absorbed into a state of bliss and the soul fragment goes back to where it should be.

To get an Entity to want to go into the light first it must realize that there is a light to go into and that it will feel good to go into that light. The problem is that while in the normal state of an entity they have no idea that there is a light and they have no desire to go there. Remember that an entity is based around a samskara. The samskara is the core of the entities personality and underneath that samskara is a tiny fragment of the soul or light body. The entities personality is not the samskara itself but an attempt to not feel the emotional pain that the samskara contains. For example if the samskara is based on being abandoned and feelings of loneliness and fear then that is like its subconscious. Its conscious is an attempt to reduce those feelings so it may crave sex or drugs or just a comfortable place where it can sleep. It wants to run from those feelings so whatever the person did while alive to escape from those feelings is probably what the entity will want to do. The point here is that the entities outward personality is not its emotional scar but an attempt to reduce the pain from that scar. While the entity does not feel those deeper underlying emotions it cannot and will not choose to be cleared.

What I have noticed through interaction with entities and clearing them is that it is possible to bring up the deeper underlying emotions in the entity. This takes the entity deeper into its subconscious where it is very different to its normal appearance. Once the entity feels these deeper underlying emotions it automatically allows the light in which transforms the samskara and the entity as a whole. The transformation can be extremely fast and the entity literally transforms in front of your eyes. They are always sorry for what they have done and become loving beings as they are absorbed into the light where they are freed from all pain. It is truly beautiful to witness.

The reason many clearers fail to actually clear the entity is that they do not open the entity to its deeper subconscious feelings. They simply try to bring the light down to absorb the entity or pull it off the host. This works sometimes if the light hitting the entity is enough to open it up and clear its samskara. The problem is that this is often not enough and the entity will instead move away from the light and be unchanged. This type of clearing will indeed remove the entity from the host while the light is there. The entity will have to move out of the persons astral body while the light is being held there by the clearer. Once the clearing is over the entity will likely try to go straight back in however. this may or may not be successful depending o the persons energy level. Typically after a clearing the energy in the area where the entity was will be weak and it takes time to heal and become strong again. DUe to this the entity has a good chance of getting back in. If the person meditates everyday and works on their energy the entity will probably fail but for a normal person there is a good chance the entity will get back in. I have seen people who have had entities cleared by more than one healer only to have it come back and stay for a long time after the clearing.

If the entity does not succeed in getting back in it will go for someone else. The new host may not know about the entity for a long time if they do not do work on themselves. Therefore the opportunity to clear the entity properly which would be good for the world as well as the entity itself is lost. When someone finds an entity and does a clearing this is the perfect opportunity to heal the entity and free it from its painful existence. It also effects the astral realms around our planet which effect every one of us. The more entities floating around out there the worse it is for humanities consciousness because we are all connected.

It is interesting that many religions today advocate burial instead of cremation and very few know how to do a clearing. This may seem like something small but it is not. Burying the dead keeps their energy here. If their energy is polluted which is the case with most people then this is not a good thing. Although the astral body comes out of the physical body at death the physical body does retain some of the energy and connections can remain. When a body is burned it is purified and the negative energy associated with it is also purified. Along with the cremation if a proper clearing is done most, if not all entities can be cleared then and there. If this was done in the majority of deaths then the astral planes would be much clearer and indeed peoples astral bodies and therefore their minds and emotions would be in a much clearer state. The epidemic of entities truly is an issue and religion is largely to blame. The truth is that 99% of people should be cremated and a proper clearing done to remove entities. The other 1% (actually its more like 0.001%) of people who could actually be buried are spiritual people who have worked at clearing their astral bodies while alive and who have succeeded in incarnating higher aspects of themselves. When these people die their body retains a positive energy and a connection to higher aspects so for them to be buried actually brings a positive energy to the area.

So far I have discussed Entities that come from dead people. The great majority of entities that interfere with peoples energy are these types but there do exist other types of entities. There are nature spirits and elementals all over the planet, there are many different types and they have different functions. These beings live in the Astral realm and don't have a physical body like humans but they do effect the physical world. S6metimes they get lost 6r confused and can sometimes attach to a person in the same way as a normal entity. These types of entities cannot be cleared into the light but can be removed and taken back to where they should be. These entities also need to come into contact with their deeper emotional scars which causes an opening and a healing so that they will choose to leave and go back where they belong. The reason they may become lost is due to emotional problems just like humans and they need healing, not just removed by force.

There are other types of entities which are not so easily categorized. There are many dimensions and many types of beings out there, trying to describe all the possibilities is beyond the scope of this article. I have not encountered an entity that could not be cleared but one thing that is important to all clearings is that the entity being cleared is brought into contact with its deeper emotions so as to cause a change in the entity itself. If this is not done then the entity will remain the way it is and continue to try to parasitize the same person or a different one.